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The Key to Catching Fish:  The Cast

Many of us learned to first cast a spinning or baitcast rod/reel outfit. This makes casting a fly rod difficult. With our first experiences we learned to cast a heavy lure or a bait rig to a fish or spot where we expected for a fish to be. Flies, even large saltwater flies, don't have the mass needed to send it an appreciable distance. 


It's the flyline that is cast not the lure when fly casting. The technique is different and it takes practice to reach the distance needed to make fishing with a fly rod effective. Taking lessons from an experienced instructor is a must. Learning from a Certified Fly Casting Instructor would be ideal.


Lessons are offered regularly on a monthly basis by the Rio Grande Valley Fly Tyers Club. Visit their website to learn more about their calendar of events


Rio Grande Valley Fly Tyers Club Website - www.riograndeflytyers.org


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