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The Lower Laguna Madre

The protected waters of the eastern United States are a nutrient-rich nursery for redfish, spotted seatrout, flounder, and many other inshore fish species. The best redfish waters are those that have protected bays, rivers, or estuaries with marine grasses that support the production of a large number of shrimp, crabs, worms, and baitfish.  All of these are imitated by the flies that fly fishers tie for redfish.  Although this site is specific to redfish, it includes information about fly fishing for other species.  


The information here is created and produced by weekend flyfishers.  Some of these gals and guys can be guides, but they  prefer to focus their contributions for the weekend fisherman. Is this you?


Stretching west of South Padre Island the lower Laguna Madre offers miles of sand flats that may be only rivaled by tropical venues like the Bahamas and Belize. At the southernmost part of the bay system, the brackish water ebbs and flows mixing with the saltwater of the Gulf of Mexico at the Brazos Santiago Pass.


Several fishing websites provide a good breakdown of fishing and launch sites. North of the Arroyo Colorado fishermen can use the map from the Arroyo to Port Mansfield. South of the Arroyo Colorado Channel to Port Isabel and in to South Bay can be visited at this website.


Scott Sparrow, one of our premier fly fishing guides, has created a calendar to help the fly fisherman select flies and target fish over the course of a year. Visit the site here.


On the sand near the westside of the island, the water is crystal clear. However, the fishing is great on the back lagoons toward the mainland. The Intercoastal Waterway divides these two water areas and also serves as a great place to catch school trout and redfish feeding on shrimp moving from the shallow to deeper water.